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Episode 10 – Beam me up!

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Show Notes


What I am wearing: Eris Cardigan

German Word:

4 Responses to Episode 10 – Beam me up!

  1. Enid Mary Shaw

    very enjoyable with the three of you.
    I think you meant a VKN or hangout, which are done via google

  2. Kimberly - Host

    Yes, that’s what I meant! I tell you it’s like walking into the grocery store, when the camara goes on my head goes blank. 😉

  3. Maria Gössler

    Hallo Kim,
    kannst Du Dich bitte bei mir melden.
    Wir kennen uns vom Strickkreis in Stahnsdorf.

  4. Kimberly - Host

    Hi, Maria!! Ich habe dir eine Email geschickt.

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