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Episode 07 – A KAL or two

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Show Notes


What I am wearing: Corinne

German Word:

9 Responses to Episode 07 – A KAL or two

  1. mitchypoo

    Hi Kimberly and Alexander, first time seeing your video cast and really liked it. Short and sweet. Alexander, I would love to know what you were working on with that tool and the blue yarn. I’m thinking of joining your hitchhiker KAL, looks like fun.

  2. Shelley

    I love all your projects! I wish I could be that creative.
    Congratulations Alexander! I am very proud of you for working so hard and having the courage to podcast. I am too shy even for photographs most of the time 🙂
    I’m looking forward to the Hitchhiker KAL and I might even get my sewing machine out. Thanks to the two of you I feel like I might be able to make a notions bag or a small projects bag. Thanks for the wonderful podcast!

  3. Helena

    Hi to both of you.
    Another great podcast. i am loving my hitchhiker. i am glad i decided to kal with you. yours is looking beautiful kimberly.

    I really like the idea of the square a month sew-a-long. i might try to join you as i am hoping to get a sewing machine for my birthday.

  4. Kimberlolly - Host

    Thanks, everyone! Mitchypoo, we are trying to do them shorter so it’s easier to do all the editing and techie stuff. We’ll see how long that lasts. ;-)Alexander will show his finger knitting this weekend.
    Shelley, can’t wait to see a project bag or two, I’ve been a sewing monster this week so I’ll show you some on Sunday. Thanks for joining the KAL.
    Willowfairy, I can’t wait until you get your machine, sewing is fun and another addiction. :-)) The blocks are easy and fun too.
    Thanks for commenting!!

  5. sue

    Kimberley and Alexander, another great episode. I think Alexander that it is fabulous that you love to knit and sew and do programming things on the computer! Your quilt block looks fantastic. I started a quilt many years ago now for my son (who is now 18 yrs old) and sadly it needs to be taken apart and fixed as it has puckering in a few spots. Kimberley your hitchhiker shawl is looking great. I have seen a few around now and am very tempted to knit one this year, but not now as I have a few things to finish off first. Looking forward to the next episode!

  6. Jessica

    Hi, first time watching… great podcast! I’m knitting the hitchhiker too and will join in your KAL. A few of my kids were sitting here watching with me and they were talking right back to you two, thinking that we were skyping 😉 Alexander it’s great that you love to knit and sew along with your mom! What a fun time you must have together! I love the quilts you’ve started. That is one thing i’d like to start doing but just haven’t found the time for it yet… some day i will.

  7. Beverly in Des Moines, IA

    I just caught up on all of your podcasts and loved every one. You two work well together and I also enjoyed Alida and Chiquita’s appearances. You are an inspiration and your knitted and sewn projects are beautiful. I admire Alexander’s diverse interests and pursuits from technology to quilting.

    I lived in Heidelberg for several years in the 60’s so it’s fun to hear you speak a little German and hope you continue teaching us words.

    I look forward to many more podcasts.


  8. Linda

    I’ve just spent the last few days catching up with your podcasts. I don’t remember which of my other podcasts mentioned you but I’m glad they did. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching and already I want to knit or maybe crochet a sky scarf. I live in Scotland so mine would be mostly grey, lol, I’m going to start keeping a sky calendar from Feb 1st and think about yarns. Looking forward to the next episode. 😉

  9. lunou

    I love your podcast! You are inspiring! I think I will join you for your quilt. And Alexander you have a great name! I gave to my son the same name but in french is Alexandre!

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