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Purse organizer recipe

Posted by on November 18, 2006


A while ago I made the most useful thing for all bagaholics. This is nothing new, in fact there are some great pictures and tutorials all over the place but you know me, I’m always one step behind. I decided that my purse was just a mess and changing purses almost every day to go to work and then to go out with the kids, I decided I needed to make something to help keep all my goods a bit better organized. I searched the net and found the coolest thing.
Say hello to my new new purse organizer.


Here she is all rolled up and ready to go in my purse.


I know there are plenty of tutorials already out there for this but because I wrote up the pattern for my own records I thought I would publish it here too. Linda, one of my best blogger buddies of all time, sent me some gorgeous fabric ages ago and I haven’t wanted to cut into it until now. (You know, I’m so careful using the good stuff, I don’t want any of it to go to waste) This just seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally use it.

I have the tutorial in PDF form, if you want it, leave me a comment or email me and I’ll send it to you. You can download it from here.

Please don’t leave any more comments asking for the tutorial unless you would like to thank me and leave your blog address-I love to see new crafty blogs.

521 Responses to Purse organizer recipe

  1. Betty Sue

    I would sincerely appreciate a copy of the pdf file for the purse organizer….I am organizationally challenged…to the max. Disabled & on fixed income; I do know how to sew, though!!!

    Thank you very much for your consideration in sending the pattern to me!

    Happy Holidays to You & Yours….

    Best regards.
    Betty Sue

  2. Caroline Kresco

    Thank You for the purse organizer…Have made many quilted bags, with lots of pockets of various sizes. I am going to give this a try on my next project. Looks easy, and adjusting the size would not be a problem to the finished bags, that I quilt. Again, Thank You

  3. sewtara


    Thanks for this post, was just poking around Etsy all ready to purchase a PDF when I realised I should probably try google first! :)

  4. Vera

    Do us a great favor and tell us what weight of Pellon to use for this project. I have made two and love them but I used a Pellon 72 which is way too heavy to iron on and and turn…so I made the ‘bag’, turned it and stuffed the pellon inside, then steam pressed it to finish. Looks great! Just thinking that this will be a much appreciated gift for my daughters and daughters in law. Thanks!

  5. Barbara land

    I would like the pdf for this. I do not know what a pdf is but my son does. I would love to make this. Been looking for this pattern for some time. Do you use buckram to make it stiff. It is an old item. It comes in different stiffness. You might want to check this out if you do not know what this is. Or I found than there is another item that you can yse also but right now i can;t remember the name when i get the pdf from you, please leave me how to reach you and maybe by then i will remember the other items name and
    send that to you. this item you mix with water and make the material stiffer. thanks so much barbara

  6. Stella Ivy

    Hi there,
    Loved your organizer, and would love to have a copy of the pattern.
    Thank you so much

  7. Barbara land

    I would llike the pdf of your items. especially the purse organizer. but would like to make all your items you show. Really nice. thanks Barbara

  8. barbara

    Thanks so much for sending this to me. I will try this soon. Can’t wait but to tired now. I will add a flap to close one area so if I forget to close my bag you can’t see in all sections. barbara

  9. Janet Kaufman

    Please send the (pdf) pattern for THE PRUSE organizer. Thank you in advance

  10. barbara waller

    I want the tutorial. thanks

  11. Cristina

    Just wanted to thank you 😉

    So thank you very very much! :)

  12. julie

    Wow lots of people want the pattern including myself will you please send the pattern to me thank you in advance. Great jub

  13. Tereza

    thank you, that is a great idea!

  14. AmyP

    As a self-confessed “bagaholic” this is a wonderful idea! I downloaded the pattern as per instructions and it’s very clear and well written. Thank you!

  15. Nataly

    Adorei, vou fazer um pra mim e te mostro depois como ficou! posso citar você no meu BLog?

  16. Kathi Rowley

    I am so excited to try this! Finally I will have some orgaanization in my purse.

  17. Stephanie

    Too cool! Would love the PDF pattern. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

  18. peggy

    This looks great and I’d love to make one if you have the pattern available thanks so much

  19. adri.venuti

    Posso avere per cortesia il tutorial. E’ un sacco di tempo che cerco questo modello. Per pigrizia cerco di cambiare poco la borse, altrimenti ogni volta devo fare un traslocco, Grazie in anticipo e buon lavoro.

  20. Anon

    Right at the top of the blog it says


    Quit asking for her to send it to you it’s already posted.

  21. Gill Blundell

    Thanks muchly

  22. Debbie B

    Well you know you have a great pattern when so many want it. Thanks for making it available to those of us who will have to make our own and cant afford to buy one. I would love a copy of your pattern. Thanks so much.

  23. Fran McAvoy

    luv the purse organizer. would luv the pattern as I am not artsy enough to make on my own. You are so crafty.

  24. Sue

    I’m tired of searching for the item I need in my purse. Am anxious to try your “recipe!” Thanks!

  25. Hilary @ KatrinkaJane

    Thank you for such a clear, concise tutorial! Exactly the right pictures and diagrams.

  26. Dolores

    I don’t have another address and do not know about “blog” but would like to have the pattern,
    so if you can ok if not ok.

  27. CTJen

    Thank you for a great tutorial! This organizer is perfect. :-)

  28. Gail

    This looks great. Can’t wait to try it.

  29. Amanda

    Thank you for an awesome tutorial, will be making one of these for my mum who is always losing things in her numerous bags!

  30. Susan

    This looks fun and practical, I would like to try it. Please send the pattern.

    Thank you!

  31. Cheryl Locke

    Interested if seeing I can make. Beginner in sewing

  32. Kathryn

    Please send the pattern for the purse organizer. Thanks!

  33. Debbie Wilson

    I would like the pattern for the purse organizer. Thanks

  34. Ginny Brown

    Where are the directions for making one? I have a rough idea; so you use interfacing? How long is it, etc? Looks like it will fit best in a tote bag. Right?


  35. Jean Stoeber

    Great idea. Please send me the pattern.

    Thank you,


  36. Jeanette Brandt

    Thanks for the pattern. Im going to try this

  37. Laura

    Thank you so much. It is really fun to wander around the internet and get such great ideas. This is just great because I usually have a bag purse to carry my book and water bottle. Hope you have an absolute great time coming up with the next idea. I’ll be looking for it. Thanks again Laura

  38. Carol

    Thx for the PDF of this pattern. Much appreciated!!

  39. D.D. Murray

    I’d love to have this pattern. It would be great for myself and a great gift idea! TIA

  40. D Cheney

    Please send the pattern to me! Can’t wait to make this for my purse!!! :) Thanks so much.

  41. Rae Moore

    Great idea. I have seen them on tv. Just can’t afford them. I do have the material and skill to make one though. I have medical stuff for my husband in my purse and I need to organize it better. I love the ideas for new and old stuff. Please keep it up.

  42. Melissa

    Thank you for posting this, it’s so pretty! (I’ve wandered over from

  43. Beth

    Looks like something I’d like to have in my purse to keep organized. Please send me the pattern. Thanks a bunch:)

  44. Loretta Baird

    Please send the pattern/tutorial. What a clever idea!