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The Podcast has moved!! Click on the logo below and you’ll go right there.

Posted by on Februar 13, 2013

We’ve moved!! Here is the link to the new Giving Flower Video Podcast!! Come on over and watch us!!

3 Responses to The Podcast has moved!! Click on the logo below and you’ll go right there.

  1. June Hart

    I was directed to your website by Tipnut for a fabric strip purse organizer and wanted to see how it was done. I could not find pattern. Can you offer any help? I loved your knitting and cats, beautiful. I too lived in Germany but it was when I was a child. Thank you.

  2. Sandi

    Just found your sight.
    I am an amateur at all things domestic,,finally,found the best place to start.
    Dragging out the sewing machine and will begin the search for supplies.
    My first project is the purse organizer .

  3. joyce

    I made a ” envelope” filled with lavender and could not find the pattern. I’m sure the pattern was yours. After a lot of research I found the last page of the “Moths-Stay-Away-From-My-Hand-Knit-Wool-Sweater
    Envelope” pattern. I had made these as gifts years ago and had lost the pattern when I moved. Just wanted to let you know several people have been gifted with your pattern filled with lavender or cedar chips! Thank you for the continued gift of giving!

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