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Back to blogging

Posted by on August 6, 2010

Oh gosh, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I wonder if anyone is still around to read me.  Hmm  Well, it’s been one hell of a busy year and I’m determined to get back to blogging.

Where do I start?  How about telling you about my Hashimoto’s thyroiditis which was diagnosed in 2008 but just 6 months ago my doctor really pushed me to get medicine.  I couldn’t figure out why I was so exhausted and a bit down, my knitting mojo was gone and I found everything just horribly tiring.  Once I started medicine everything changed.  Now I’m back to jogging and knitting and feeling great once again.  Thank goodness for that!!

Do you remember this from one of my posts last summer?

Lookie here, now we have a yard with grass and a bigger pool for the kids to play in

and my kitchen curtain is finished and hanging in my window.

We’re working on our deck and it should be done soon so I’ll be posting pics of that too.  I never thought it would be so much fun working in the yard, digging in the dirt and shooing bugs away, but I just love it.

That’s enough for today and I’m hoping that if I keep my posts short I will be able to get back into blogging, I really do miss it and I miss you all.

12 Responses to Back to blogging

  1. Beverly

    Nice to see you back here! Your curtain is just lovely!

  2. Joanna Kostrzewa

    Kimberly, it’s good to hear from you again! Sorry to hear about your illness but it’s good you’re on medicine and feeling better now.
    Keep writing about some new developments on your new house, or is everything finished already? ~^^~

  3. Lori

    I was so excited to see your blog appear in my reader! Glad to see you’re back!

  4. Jules Cunningham

    Hi Kim,

    Welcome back :o) Missed you.

    see you at a stricktreff sometime?

  5. Linda

    Hello Kimberly,

    Just found your blog and wanted to say hello. I just finished one cabled fingerless glove from your pattern. Your technique for eliminating the hole(s) near the thumb gusset worked perfectly!!!!! On to the second glove now…thanks for the great pattern, great blog.

  6. Zonda

    Hi! Good to see you’ve been settling in and you are feeling better!

  7. Eliane

    good to have you back again! great curtain! good luck with mr. hashimoto, glad your medication really helps which isn’t always the case with this weird man… cheers from sunny ireland eliane

  8. Ryan Nichole

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful posts! I just had a question about a pattern that you had posted some time back: (
    sorry to post here, but I couldn’t figure out how else to send you a question!
    What I’m wondering is, at what point to do you start the cable stitches? Is it 20 rows in ribbing, then begin stockinette, but at what point do I begin the cable stitching? Please help! I’d love to make these!!!! 🙂

  9. Barb

    Good to see you back blogging. The pool looks like so much fun! Glad you are feeling better on the meds.

  10. Sarah in Arlington, TN

    Welcome back! I just popped back in on your blog on a whim, to tell you how much I LOVE the purse organizer tutorial you gave! I have given them as presents for my mom and sister and have made one for myself! LOVE THEM! Thank you for sharing! (And, btw, I think your kitchen curtain is fabulous).

  11. Elizabeth

    wow, never seen this before.. realy great idea. I think I can’t make it, but it’s beautiful.
    Groeten uit Nederland. Elizabeth

  12. Diana Rentz

    Hi Kim!!!! and family. Just got your blog address from my Mom. I have been sewing and just started knitting a headband. Working on my technique so I may teach the ladies here how to knit. My friend Stacey is pregnant and due in December so I hope to teach her soon. I got a friend request on Facebook from Alida eons ago and sorry for the delay didn’t realize Alida
    Paige= Alida Gintar. Hope you and Martin and Alexander and Alida are well.We are just harvesting watermelons and Giant pumpkins.Also tomatoes. Love, cousin Diana

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