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Chiquita and a kitty basket

Posted by on Oktober 29, 2009

chicita grass chicita

chicita kitty sofa

Meet our new baby, Chiquita (that’s what the original owner named her so we kept it-I’ve changed the spelling because it was wrong and driving me crazy) .  We are assuming she’s a regular house cat, although the man we got her from claimed she was a British Short Hair.  We don’t really think she’s any breed but she was such a cutie and had such a wonderful personality that we decided to rescue her from the apartment full of cats and bring her home to be Pip’s new friend.  Pip had been walking around the house looking for Zindy and crying ever since she died which was absolutely breaking my heart, so we’d been on the look out for a new baby to keep him company.

She had flees and a stomach problems so we gave her a bath and kept her in the bathroom with food and a litter box for the first night.  At 8 o’clock the next morning, before I had to go to work, the kids and I took her to the vet and within 24 hours and plenty of medicine, the flees were gone and we’re hoping that her stomach gets better, it seems to be already.  I also bought some kitten food so she gets just what she needs to get her healthy.  Please keep your fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious with her digestive system and she gets better soon.  She’s the snuggliest kitten we’ve ever had and we all adore her.  Even Pip, who was a bit sceptical at first but has been playing with her and showing her how things operate here in this crazy place since she was allowed to roam free in the house.  He’s even sharing his prized pipe cleaners with her, I think this was a match meant to be.

alidas kitty

I’m also excited because this is the first cat that even Alida has been able to hold and snuggle, all the other cats have been too overpowering while Chiquita loves to sleep on Alida’s lap and even lets her carry her around.  Did I mention how much we are all in love with her??

The little monster doesn’t have her own bed yet so I decided to raid my yarn supply and found 3 balls of Lopi that would make the perfect cat bed. I immediately set to work on a kitty pi with handles so it looks more like a basket.  It took 3 days to finish knitting and then I felted it in the washing machine.  She loved it before it was felted.

kitty basket

Luckily, she loved it after it was felted too.

felted bed

15 Responses to Chiquita and a kitty basket

  1. alke

    She’s adorable – and the pictures you took of her are gorgeous! Very well done on the kitty basket as well. All the best wishes that she is healthy…

  2. Julie

    awww!! she is just too cute for words!! I’m sure she’ll be in top health in no time, and it looks like she’s the perfect fit for your family. the kitty bed looks great!

  3. Gina aka SleepyEyes

    Oooh, lovely! I bet my cat would like that, too!

  4. yoel

    Such a lovely kitty! I’m glad Pip has taken to her already, sharing his Pip cleaners and all.

  5. Eliane

    oh i can understand you very well. we lost a cat to cancer after easter and couldn’t find a new mouse chaser. in september my husband found a nearly dead kitten in a ditch. we took him to the vet two times and his chance of survival was low. but in the meantime he is a great guy of about 5 months and looks very much like chicita. i posted some funny pics of him in my blog as he loves to sleep in funny positions and on funny places like our internet router. good luck and lots of fun with your dear companion!

  6. Adrienne

    Awwwwwwwwwwww what a beautiful little kitty!!!!

  7. Wollich

    Hello Kim,
    she´s a beautie! I think, only 20% of the red kittens turn out to be a girl. Such a Little Miss will creep silently into your hearts in no time 🙂

    Those little cats are pure energy, we picked up one about 14 days ago at the football-place. Little (Mara) Donna is chasing knitted mice and retrieves them with enthusiasm. A new knitting project for you maybe? Have a look at my new blog “miezerey”, where you can see Donna (and the other cats) at her new home. She is performing well but her immune system is weak.

    We feed her yoghurt with a little cats milk and a few drops of salvia-tea to build up her digestive tract and prevent inflammation.

    Any questions? Feel free to ask catspert Dagmar *moohoawhoaw*

  8. trek

    That is one seriously happy kitty! Many years of joy together.

  9. Barb

    She is a cutie. You are so lucky Pip has accepted her.

  10. jill

    Aww. Sweetness, pure sweetness. Our big orange boy is one of the best kitties we’ve been blessed to own. I hope your little girl’s health continues to improve. And what a wonderful shot of the your daughter enjoying her new family member.

  11. Susanne

    She is a beautiful kitten and she is lucky to have found a wonderful new family. Love the Kitty PI. It turned out great and gave me an idea to make one for my friend who owns a cat.

  12. Tally

    Ist die ober-süß!

    Herzliche Grüße aus Hamburg

  13. Patricia

    Hola, me gusto mucho tu blog.
    Saludos, desde Uruguay.

  14. Laura Adams

    Just adorable. Looks like my daughter’s (now grown) kitty, Oscar. Very cute. Makes me want one.
    Laura in Ohio

  15. fiddletwiddle

    Too heartbreaking sweet!

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