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Chocolate flowers?

Posted by on Juli 24, 2009

The fourth time’s a charm.  At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.  I’ve now casted on this curtain for the fourth time adding one extra repeat to make it just a bit wider.  I’m absolutely convinced that this one will be the right size and I shouldn’t make any more mistakes, after all I’ve knit this 3 times already.


Yesterday the weather was gorgeous so we filled up the blow-up pool in the back yard and while the kids ran in and out of it splashing all over to cool off, I was able to work on my curtain.  The casing is now done and I’m almost at the point where I stopped my 3rd try.

Oh and because you might like chocolate as much as much as I do and because it may land on your hips as it does on mine, I’m showing you the newest edition to my garden.


This lovely little flower is my new Choca Mocca plant.  My neighbor came home with one of these for her garden and just had to show me.  She’s velvety brownish red  and soo pretty but as you can imagine that’s now why I had to run out and buy one of my own.  No, it’s because when she’s out in the sun she smells just like chocolate.  Roses pale in comparison with this sweet smell, it’s really yummy.  Maybe smelling her off and on during the day and the fact that my running shoes have been back in action will keep those pounds from settling on my hips.

9 Responses to Chocolate flowers?

  1. beverly

    What a cool flower!!

  2. Julie

    definitely a pretty flower! and your lace curtain looks so delicate and airy on the needle.

  3. Iris

    I love chocolate cosmos, but somehow they always die for me in the winter. Apparently they are supposed to come back if you keep them in a cool place, but mine never do… 🙁

  4. Wollich

    Good to see you relaxing a tiny little bit.
    Talking about relaxing: cotton fibre relaxes a lot, at least 10% but often up to 50%, depending on the yarn and how loosly you knit, which needle is used etc. It mostly grows in width so don´t worry about your curtain.


  5. Gina aka SleepyEyes

    Oh, I bet these flowers smell wonderful! So pretty, too!

  6. Eliane Zimmermann

    I love your curtain! I always thought curtains should be done in crochet but that knitted look is really lovely! And as an aromatherapist I wonder how the cosmo smells.. I never believed the brochures saying “like chocolate” but if you say so!!! Cheers from Ireland Eliane

    PS Is this Jordan shoes thing above spam? I am still quite inexperienced with that aspect of blogging.

  7. Erica

    Oh! A ckocolate flower? I need a whole room of those! Good luck on the curtain…projects like that are sometimes the toughest, I’ve found, but I’m sure you’ve got it now.

  8. Deb B

    What a lovely flower! And the curtain looks so delicate and pretty already.

  9. Florist Malaysia

    Really nice chocolate flowers, do u have lily flowers designs, i would love to see such designs on your website.

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