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I’m alive…

Posted by on Mai 25, 2009

… and knitting!  Thank you all so much for the wonderful and caring emails inquiring about my lack of posts.  Yes, I’m still alive and now that we’ve finally moved into the house and things are quieting down, I’m doing much better.  From the end of January to last month it has been a really crazy time and I haven’t had a moment to write anything here.  As you can imagine, I have tons to tell and show, but for now I’ll just show you a glimpse of the socks I’ve been knitting at school and at home to keep me sane between bouts of packing and unpacking.  Here they are in their new surroundings.

They love lounging in the backyard. (I hope to have more than sand and weeds soon.)


They also love hanging out in my crocks.


Here they are waiting for the pizza to be done on the grill.


I still don’t have a phone nor internet at home so I’m writing from work but that shouldn’t stop me from getting back to blogging-I MISS YOU ALL!!

12 Responses to I’m alive…

  1. April

    What great socks! It’s nice to see you in blogland again =) Congrats on getting moved and settled and all that goes with it. I love how the colors between the blue stripes zig-zag on the foot. Very pretty.

  2. Eliane

    great to see you back! I had sewn a purse organizer similar to yours (definitely after the inspiration from your how-to) and I hope for more good ideas! cheers from Ireland Eliane

  3. Sarah

    Yay! I was just thinking about you the other day and hoping that the house adventures would soon be settled enough to bring you back to blogging.

  4. Gina aka SleepyEyes

    Kimberly!!! Yay! I so glad you’re settled in and, boy, I LOVE Those socks!!! What yarn did you use?

    Big Hugs!!

  5. Pat

    Hi – nice to see you and your socks 🙂

  6. Wollich

    So good to hear and see from you! Winni and I were just talking about your whereabouts the other day and now I see you and your good-mood socks back in blogworld!

    Big hugs and have a goooood time in your new residencia (sand looks like beach!)

  7. cathyknit

    Glad you’re back!!

  8. Susanne

    Congratulations on your house, glad you are settled in now. Looking forward to more pictures. Socks look great too in the sandy garden.

  9. Min

    I am so glad you are back – I’ve missed your posts.

  10. Sooza

    Congrats on having sucessfully settled into your house. We’ll be moving into our own little house two weeks from now and it’s getting kind of busy. So I can kind of relate. Only we didn’t have to build the place from scratch but just bought it.

    Love your socks. It’s Regia in “ringel papagei” right? It’s probably my most favourite Regia colorway ever.

    Take care and I’m looking forwar reading more from you again 🙂

  11. Iris

    Good to see you back! Hope you’ll have your internet connection sorted soon – I look forward to reading more about your house move!!

    And I love the socks. 🙂

  12. Ryan Nichol

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful posts! I just had a question about a pattern that you had posted some time back: (
    sorry to post here, but I couldn’t figure out how else to send you a question!
    What I’m wondering is, at what point to do you start the cable stitches? Is it 20 rows in ribbing, then begin stockinette, but at what point do I begin the cable stitching? Please help! I’d love to make these!!!! 🙂

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