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For Sale-finally!

Posted by on September 27, 2008

I’ve finally updated my Etsy shop with my knitty hipster bag pattern.

Knitty Hipster pattern

Can you believe it??  How long has it been?  Too long!  I think I was just afraid to put anything out there since my little run in a while ago.  Thankfully, I’m beyond that now and can show you what I’ve made and hope you want one too.  This bag is sooo cool and one of my favorites when it comes to toting my knitting around with me.  The PDF pattern is 16 pages long with pictures and description so just about anyone should be able to make it.  Thanks so much to Linda and all the test sewers that worked on this with me.

I also added my new bed sock pattern:

mimi’s bed socks

to join my sock fish pattern:

french fish

This pattern has been swimming in Etsy for quite some time now and was getting lonely.  I was quite astounded when I ran into another sewer who is selling sock fish bags on her website.  The same fish made to hold a sock project!!  Go figure.

Ever heard of DaWanda??  Go check it out-it’s the international version of Etsy and I’ve opened a Dawanda shop there too.  This is fun!!!  I have a few more patterns that I really want to write up but with work, the house and Alida’s birthday party this weekend, it will have to be pushed until a later date.  I’m hoping to get my sewing machine out from under the cobwebs soon-I miss her so much.  I also have a free pattern coming for a simple shawl which I love.  Stay tuned.

Find of the week:  You really need to check out these shops too- Hanies and Mygurumi.  I love the dinosaur screen printed memory and isn’t that fairy sooo cute??

6 Responses to For Sale-finally!

  1. Linda

    Congratulations on getting it done and out! :o)

  2. beverly

    Yay! I just ordered mine!!

  3. Natasha

    Love that hipster bag. I am sure it will be very successful. Thanks for the link to my shop! Hope the birthday party went well.

  4. celia

    Oh God, how I would love to knit!!!! Love those socks!

  5. Barb

    Nice pattern. You thought of everything.

  6. Tina

    Cute bag.

    Hope all is well as you’ve been away for a bit.

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