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Mimi’s bed socks

Posted by on August 3, 2008

I have so much to show and tell about our vacation and even from things before our vacation, so I’ll just have to do small posts about things as they come.  The first thing I would like to show you are my mom’s bed socks.  You see, one morning my feet were cold due to the air conditioning, which I’m not at all used to, so I put on some of my own hand knit socks.  My mom saw them and immediately said she would love some bed socks for the winter that she could throw in the wash and not worry about.  Who needs more of a push than that??  Not me, for my mom I’ll knit any day.  We went out that day and bought some Lion Brand wool-ease in a color she liked and after buying the right needles I started them right away.  I didn’t have a pattern for such thick yarn so I just kind of made it up.  It took me almost my whole vacation to knit them but I was also knitting other things when I could.

She loves them, they are cosy, will stay on her feet in bed and I knit them with her around so when she wears them in the middle of winter she’ll think of our fun times together this summer.

These pictures are of the socks on my feet which are a tiny bit smaller than hers.

mimi’s bed socks

I’ve just finished writing up the pattern so if you would like to test knit it, please send me an email or comment and I’ll send it off.  I used a bit more than one skein of yarn but I’ve written the leg a bit shorter in the pattern so it doesn’t use as much yarn.  I think.  Please keep in mind these are for big feet and if you could change it for smaller feet it would be great.

Mimi’s bed socks

House update:  Tomorrow they’re starting the big dig for the house and in a few weeks we should have a basement on our lot.  We drove out yesterday to talk to the neighbors and see how things look one last time.  This is getting exciting now.

12 Responses to Mimi’s bed socks

  1. Cheekyredhead

    Wow!! The socks are wonderful!!

  2. Beverly

    Those socks are wonderful and I have been looking for just such a pattern to make up with wool ease! I would love to test knit it!

  3. Natasha

    Glad that you’re back. Great socks – very quick knitting!! Very exciting about the house.

  4. rositta

    For sure I’d love that pattern, they would be great for me to knit for my mother in law to go with her shawl while I’m in Greece. Any time you have time would be great…love the color…ciao

  5. christine

    Love how the socks turned out. Bring the beach shovels to help with digging out the basement:)

  6. Tina

    Kimberly, I love those! Beautiful!

  7. Gea

    waw i love these socks!!
    i hope you have the pattern on ravely

  8. sindhu

    hi..these socks look very lovely. i would be happy if you can give me the pattern notes. thank you.

  9. susana

    i have never knitted some socks before but these seem like the perfect ones to get me going =] would love to give them a go =] any tips ?? would be very appreciated =] great job thank you x x

  10. anusha

    have never knitted a socks. wud love to knit a pair for my mom.can u share the pattern pls?

  11. Beverly Lathrop

    I found your pattern for “Mimi’s Bed Socks” in a knitting calendar of patterns. I have never knitted socks. I am stuck at the “Turn Heel”. Instructions read:
    Row 1: Sl1, k12, skp, k1, turn.
    Row 2: Sl1, p5, p2tog, p1, turn.
    Continue in this way, working 1 more st before the decrease on each row until 14 sts are left. Knit across.

    This is where I am confused.
    Would you please give me more specific insructions for the rows that follow row 2 to the point where I pick up 10 sts made from the purl stitches along the edge.

    Thank you,

  12. Kimberly - Host

    Hi Bev!
    Here is a you tube video showing how to do this. She starts on a wrong side row so she purls the first row and my socks are on a right side row but it will give you an idea how it works.

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