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WWKIPD in Berlin

Posted by on Juni 8, 2008

water fun

World Wide Knit in Public Day is coming up next Saturday and I’m determined not to miss it. There’s a huge group of about 50 Berliners, or better said knitters living in Berlin who’ve joined a group in Ravelry called Berlin Knits, and some of us would like to get together to bare our needles in public. There’s just one problem, we’ve been kind of indecisive about where we should meet. Today while watching the kids play in the water fountain at the Deutsche Oper right around the corner from my apartment, I had the idea that this would be perfect place to sit, knit and drink coffee all in the company of wonderful knitting friends. The best part is that the kids can play in the water fountain while we enjoy ourselves. Here are a few pictures of my kids from last weekend. As I said, we were there again today but this time I was smart enough to bring bathing suits for the kids to change into, but as you can well imagine they were having a blast getting their street clothes all wet.

wet funwater funwet funfountain

If you look in the background of this next picture you can see the tables with the white umbrellas which is a perfect place for a group of knitters to rest their elbows.


It’s quite relaxing there and at 6pm the Opera goers start arriving so we can have some fun people watching, another favorite pastime. 4 pm is the time to meet which should give everyone a chance to get all their other Saturday chores done and still have time to come and relax. Let me know if you can come and I’ll reserve those tables. I hope you all can join us and if you’re not in Berlin, what will you be doing on WWKIPD?

6 Responses to WWKIPD in Berlin

  1. Joanna Kostrzewa

    I have no idea what I’ll be doing next Saturday, but I’ll try to take some knitting with me whenever I go. It may be some long walk, although not that long so I could join you at those lovely looking chairs, I’m afraid. *^v^*

  2. Debi

    What a perfect KIP day spot! I hope you have a perfect time next Saturday hunny!

  3. Sarah

    That looks like a great place for wwkip day. I am going to do my best to attend one in my area. We have to make it early in the morning because of the heat. Maybe a cotton project will be necessary.

  4. theresa/t does wool

    sounds like sooo much fun…enjoy!

  5. Debbie

    I wanna do something! But unfortunately we have a family thing on Saturday. It’s going to have to count as KIP’ing. They’re certainly used to seeing me knit, though.

  6. Gina aka SleepyEyes

    Wow, that looks SO fun! I wish I were a kid again and I could splash like that. Looks very refreshing!

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