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Knitty Hipster-my new pattern

Posted by on Mai 17, 2008

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my Must Have Cardigan! This week has really killed me with work and kids which means not getting around to answering emails like I should. I’ve also wanted to write about 3 posts but haven’t been able to sit at the computer long enough to do it. I’m a morning person which means trying to work on things once the kids are in bed at 8 pm is really tough. My brain, or shall I say what’s left of it, is so dried up at that point that I’m lucky to get in a few rows of any kind of knitting. Last night I fell asleep right before the end of one of my favorite shows. Oh well. Good thing Germany’s Next Top Model was recorded so I can watch that later. Oh gosh, is my inner geek showing again?

Anyway, let’s get back to why I’m here. I’ve been knitting something new but I’ll show and tell all about that later, first I want to show you my newest, but rather old, pattern I just finished. I showed you my newest design a while ago but never really finished it. I think her time has now come. What do you think of my newest pattern for a knitting bag?
click for big
Knitty Hipster pattern

Blogging world, meet the Knitty Hipster. She’s roomy enough for larger project such as a sweater but also great for housing sock yarn and needles. There is even a long, thin pocket on the front to keep the extra double point needle while knitting sock heels. I’ve also put a pocket with two buttons on it to keep the ball, or balls, of yarn from ‘jumping’ out of their pocket while knitting. NO Velcro was used here; learning from experience yarn and Velcro just don’t mix.
A ribbon tied to my scissors makes it easier to find them in the large, roomy front pocket. The second ribbon could be used for other things that could get lost in the depths of the left pocket. There is also a small opening to the left of the zipper, so when it’s your turn at the bank you can throw your knitting back in the bag quickly and you don’t have to worry about your yarn getting stuck in the zipper. Here are the materials needed to make this bag;

materials needed
I’ve made 3 of these bags and I’ve been using them ever since. She snaps around your waist and your hands are free to do everything else. Of course, you could also put in a long strap and use it across your body or over your shoulder.

I finished this pattern over a year ago but never published her. I had Linda, an amazing sewer and pattern designer herself, not to mention one of my first and favorite blogger ‘friends’, sew a test bag for me. She did a fabulous job, and with amazing attention to detail, she corrected my 16-page directions. Thank you so much, Linda!!!

Last week I opened my own etsy shop, I need to finance my fiber diet somehow, and thought it would be a good idea to finally finish correcting the bag pattern and get it out there.

Well, I’ve gone through it one more time and I think she’s almost ready for the public but I still need another test sewer before I put her up for sale? If you would like to try it out, please send me a comment on this post and I promise to get back to you.

I’m off to meet Fab to run the Avon 10k Frauenlauf again this year and this time both kids are going to run the bambini run. See you at the finish line.

9 Responses to Knitty Hipster-my new pattern

  1. Nala

    Hello Kimberly,

    I like your knitty hipster 🙂 and I would be happy if I could be a test sewer. But I have to say english is not my first lenguage. Does that matter?

    Will your write a note if the pattern is available in your shop?


  2. Tina

    Hi Kimberly! I love reading your blog. I’m an average sewer and would love to be a test sewer for you. I think this looks like a great little bag for many hand crafts.

  3. Cathy

    Another beautiful bag Kimberly! You do such beautiful work. I hope you get to enjoy your weekend after such a busy week.

  4. jane

    Hi- what a great looking pack that does not look like a granny fanny pack. As a mom of two active boys I would love something like this to be hands free. I would love to test this pattern for you.

  5. yoel

    Love this bag! And the fabric! I especially appreciate all the little touches that only a knitter would know (yarn balls jumping out, no velcro, etc). Are you going to sell the pattern or actual bags on etsy?

  6. Linda

    It looks like you have another test-sewer – yay! I’ll post my picts when the pattern is out!

  7. Sabine

    Beautiful fabric. Is it Amy Butler?

  8. trek

    You are quite the incredible sew-er!

  9. Jean Folkes

    i love your knitting bag and would be very happy to test it for you. i know what you mean about needing to support your fiber habits – we live on a low but above what the USA calls poverty level income – still far from enough. i have some photos of my work on Webshots here is the link if you want to take a look –
    i knit – quilt – and love my dogs and my best friend my DH
    Quilty Hugs,

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