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Just some dirt and a few peaeks

Posted by on Februar 10, 2008

It was an incredibly busy around here last week. There was a lot of searching for some of this


to call our own. I do think we might have gotten lucky. More to tell, hopefully, soon.
Between blasting migraines and kids who need to eat 24/7, I’ve been knitting as much as possible on my secret of the stole 2, but it doesn’t seem to grow much.


I’m one clue behind and I’m afraid I need a bit of a time warp to catch up. Maybe this week will bring some quality knitting time.
I have also been doing a few other creative things lately that are top secret, but here is a sneak peek.



I do miss my sewing machine and I’m counting the days until I have a bit more room to spread myself out to sew. Oh the thought of sewing and not immediately cleaning up is worth all the stress in the world!!

I don’t have much to show this week but I’ve got to get back to dinner. I’ll try to do better next time. Toodles!

9 Responses to Just some dirt and a few peaeks

  1. Gina aka SleepyEyes

    Oh, I love how the shawl is coming along! And those REALLY look like knitting needles cases in progress…that pink and green one is so yummy looking! Big hugs from NH!

  2. trek

    What a beautiful job stitching in the zipper in!

  3. April

    Sorry to hear about the migraines, hate those things. I am glad to hear that my children aren’t the only ones that seem to eat all day long, though, at least I know they’re normalish =) The lace looks good and so do the other projects. Hope you find your dirt real soon. =)

  4. ~Kristie

    I hope you found the right dirt and that your migraines get better.

    The knitting and sewing look wonderful though. The fabrics are beautiful.

  5. Debi

    Looks like perfect dirt to me 🙂

    I am so completely envious of your sewing skill Kimberly!

  6. Nautical Knitter

    Did you find your space to put your place? I hope so! Your sewing skills are stupendous and btw, one more thing we have in common, migraines! Take care friend, DK

  7. stacey

    ooh – the sewing looks beautiful!

  8. Winni

    I really can “see” your house on that marvellous place ;o)

    Love the needle-cases (esp.with the branches) and if you need a sewing machine, just come along!

    Hugs and some knitty hours,

  9. linda

    Migraines just stink! Sorry about those.

    Looks like you’ve gotten a little bit of sewing in…I’m guessing a bag and a needle case. :o)

    Ah land – congratulations! That’s gotta be fun, but a bit stressful. Maybe that explaines the headaches?

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