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Christmas is coming

Posted by on Dezember 23, 2007

And now it can, the last of the presents are bought and wrapped and I’ve finished the kids’ stockings. (click for bigger)

I was so worried I wouldn’t find the time to finish these but yesterday turned out to be a good day to sew. The fabric had the stocking pattern on it, all I had to do was cut it out, put in a backing and lining and quilt them. I even machine quilted around the pockets, fur trim and beards so it all looks puffy.

stocking santastocking santa

The names aren’t the greatest but considering it was all done free-hand because my machine isn’t an embroidery machine while I simultaneously dressed and undressed Polly Pockets, I think they came out ok.

Oh and here is one more cute little FO that surprisingly enough kept me up until 2:30 am. I had to rip them out a couple of times because those plastic little feet are a tough fit. Here are Baby Born boy’s new socks:

baby born socks

How can he come into this family without some toasty warm handmade socks?? Once again, the pattern for these is written up and available for free, just leave me a comment and I’ll send it off.

Oh gosh, who is having more fun, me or the kids? Christmas can come!!

46 Responses to Christmas is coming

  1. Christine

    Beautiful stockings. You are amazing to be completing all of the projects for Santa. We miss you guys and are looking forward to chatting soon.
    Küsse und umarmt

  2. Barb

    So cute. Have a Happy One:)
    Mele Kalikimaka!

  3. stacey

    beautiful! you did a great job on the quilting!

  4. Gina aka Sleepy Eyes

    Oh, Kimberly! Those stockings are AMAZING! You dazzle me with all your talents. The colors of the stockings are just perfect : )

  5. Sue

    can you please send me the pattern for the baby born socks? my daughter received one for Christmas too and has now asked for socks so that she can take her baby outside for a walk!
    Thanks in advance

  6. Christine

    Gee! the different colors are so cool…very whimsical.

  7. Gill

    Love those socks! Please could you share the pattern with me, as I have a 7yr old who would love them for her babydoll. Thanks! Gill.

  8. Schedule5

    Wow! Those stockings are amazing! I found your blog by looking for Baby Born patterns – sooo, please send me your sock pattern :).

  9. Vicki

    Your website is really great i have got many ideas from your site.Thanks

  10. CeeCee

    This is a great blog, I just love it. I like the baby socks you knit. I would like the patteren please…….. my e-mail address is


  11. CeeCee

    This is a great blog, I just love it. I like the baby socks you knit. I would like the pattern please…….. my e-mail address is


  12. Anna

    Okay those socks are just too cute. Just this morning my friend/neighbor was telling me she has a baby shower to attend and see is interested is making socks…. Well this is it. Would you please send me your pattern. I think its so cool that I’m in MN and you are in Berlin. Too Cool

  13. Katrina

    Wonderful patterns! I would love the baby socks pattern- both for a gift for a very special friend expecting an Xmas baby, and for any other cold baby feet I can find!

    Thank you so much!

  14. Jane

    Those socks are so cute. Thank you for sharing the pattern. Love your blog!!

  15. Robin

    I would love to have your adorable sock pattern! I have several friends having babies, I think that they deserve some warm socks. ‘
    Robin N.

  16. Pam

    I would love to have the baby doll pattern… I have quite a few little girls with dolls! Thanks for doing this, pam

  17. Lisa

    I love those adorable baby socks and would love to have the pattern. Thank you Lisa

  18. Leigh

    I love these socks! My daughter has a Baby Born doll and has been asking for some knitted clothes. I’d love it if you could send me the pattern.


  19. Toni Friedman

    I know this comment is a little late – I just now
    found your website and am really enjoying reading
    your articles and seeing your beautiful works. The shawl is beyond belief – and what a project it is. I will write more on that.
    The baby socks are CUTE, CUTE and I have just the
    little baby to knit them for – my new grandson.
    Looking forward to getting started. Thanks, toni

  20. Shellca

    Awesome little socks! Please could you share the pattern with me ~ thank you! Shellca

  21. Milada

    I am very delighted at handmade socks and Baby Born mittens. Would you please send me your pattern. Thank you! Milada from Slovakia

  22. Jill

    I would love a copy of the pattern to warm the pitter patter of little feet in my life.

    Thank you!

  23. Sara

    Oh, how cute! I hope to make some for my little one! I LOVE socks that knit themselves up quickly. Please do send me the pattern when you have some free time. Thanks, Sara

  24. Fiona

    Hi, these beautiful socks are great. I would love to make some for my daughter’s baby born. She already has cloth nappies for her, and anything else I can make for her to wear would be fab, her birthday is next week. Could I please have the patterns for the mittens also. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work, Fiona PS What ply yarn should I use?

  25. Sija

    Hi, Wonderful little socks. I would love to knit them for my nieces baby born. Would it be possible that you send me the pattern. Thanks in advance,

  26. Gina

    I adore these little socks! Would love the pattern to make for my great-grandson!
    🙂 Gina

  27. judy

    What a nice blog. I have been enjoying reading it. I too would love the pattern for these little socks. They are so cute. Thank you

  28. Giovanna

    hello! your little socks are beautiful, I too would love the pattern, Thank you, Giovanna

  29. Maia

    Hi, I just found your beautiful socks! I would like to knit some for a gift for my friends daughter.
    Would it be possible to send me the pattern?
    I have never knitted socks before, I guess these will be just perfect to start with 😉

  30. eileen

    my baby born is crying with little cold feet do send me the pattern dearie thanks

  31. eileen

    i am having trouble to download on ravelry i will wait patiently for u to send me the pattern when u can thanks

  32. Patty

    I love these little socks! Can you please email me the pattern?


  33. Shelley

    These socks are darling! We have a new boy coming to the family soon. I would love to make these for him.


  34. Alice

    Oh they are so cute, could I please have the pattern for them

  35. Julia

    You have a wonderful website. I would really appreciate a copy of the pattern for those cute baby born socks. Little Oscar is desperately needing socks for Christmas. 🙂

    Thank you!!!

  36. nina

    hi- these are the cutest little socks for a doll i’ve seen-bought my granddaughter baby born for christmas and would love to knit it some socks -please could i have the pattern for them-thanks

  37. Heather

    Your Boy Baby Born socks look very cute and I would love to have the pattern for them if possible. My grand daughter has two baby born dolls – one girl and one boy, so is always asking me to knit something for them. Do you know where I could get other baby born boy patterns on the web? I appreciate your efforts. Thanks so much

  38. Jean

    cabled fingerless gloves –
    What was the yarn – filo superwash from Schewe What kind is that if I have to sub –idea of more available wool would be nice. thank you. I do have that pattern from Ravelry.

    May I have the Boy Baby Born sock pattern?
    Very cute.

    Thank you.

  39. Laura

    Thank you SO much for so generously sharing! These were posted several years ago but if the patterns are still available, I would love to get them. Thank you!

  40. Jill Carroll

    Grandaughter getting baby born boy for Christmas would love to knit her some of these delightful socks. Anything else to knit for this doll or baby Annabelle? Thanks in anticipation. Jill

  41. lesley

    hello ive seen these on ravelry and would love to make a pair for a little girls doll. would you please be able to email me a copy of the pattern. thank you so much, FROM LESLEY

  42. Linda

    I wouldlove this sockie pattern and thanks!

  43. Leanne


    I would love the Baby Born sock pattern please, if they are still available. I brought my niece one for her birthday and I have tonnes of leftover wool that would be great to use on these.

    Thank you

  44. Diana Vieth

    I love your “Baby Born boy’s new socks”!!!
    Too sweet. Is the pattern still available? If so, am I then able to copy it for a couple friends or should they write you separately?
    I have a nephew due in July, I will knit him some socks – So Fun……
    Thanks for your marvelous work!

  45. Kay

    Love the baby socks – would you please send me the pattern for the socks and mittens.

    Thank you!
    from Wisconsin

  46. Megan

    I’d love this pattern too, if possible!

    Sending you NYC thoughts.

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