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Alida’s birthday party

Posted by on September 29, 2007

Alida’s party was a lot of fun, according to Alida, the smiling faces and the kids that didn’t want to go home.


Here are the pictures. First we had some buggy food :

There were butterfly sandwiches,

butterfly sandwiches

some butterfly veggies,

butterfly veggies

and, of course, a butterfly cake. Are you starting to get the theme?

butterfly cake

This cake is called the parrot cake (Papageikuchen) which is a German recipe I begged Alida’s teacher for last year. It was yummy. Here’s a link to a recipe similar to what I used, unfortunately it’s only in German.

The kids also wanted to make a carrot cake, so we colored it pink and made it into a castle that the kids then decorated. Did you know that it’s much harder to get past sour gummy worms than it is a real moat? This is for you, Barb!

castle cake

castle cake

Oh we can’t forget the butterfly name tags.

butterfly name tags

We also started two weeks ahead and made our own lady bug piñata full of goodies.

lady bug pinata

After eating the food and playing a few games inside, we headed down to the playground behind our building and had some more fun.


The kids were all absolutely adorable and played so well together. As you can see, Alexander walked around making movies with our video camera.


Now my little girl is 4, oh where did the time go??

she’s 4

I would love to put more pictures of all the kids but I didn’t ask the parents so I don’t feel right about it.

It’s Saturday and I’m off to work again, being in the sports department, as well as the English and Spanish departments, makes me responsible for some out-of-school activities. Tomorrow is the Berlin marathon which has the whole city in runner fever. Today we have a mini-marathon, 4.2 K, for the older students and a bambini run, 800 m, with our younger students. I’m in charge of the bambini runners with 2 other teachers. Alida is going to yet another birthday party this morning and then she and Alexander are going to the run with my bambini runners, so it’ll also be a family event and not all work. More tomorrow.

8 Responses to Alida’s birthday party

  1. Joanna Kostrzewa

    So, that is where all those “butterflies in the stomach” come from – from the food!… I always wondered… *^v^*
    Happy birthday to your little girl, she looked very happy in the last photo so you must have had a really great time! ^^

  2. Rachel

    What an adorable birthday party! Your parties are always awesome. I wish I could throw a party like that. Anyway, happy belated birthday to Alida (you know she looks just like you, right?) and good luck in the run tomorrow!

  3. Nautical Knitter

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALIDA! from Auburn, Alabama, USA

  4. Elemmaciltur

    Awwwww…she must have had a great time!

  5. ~Kristie

    You are always so creative and clever with your kids’ birthday parties. If I’d ever had children .. I know whose blog I’d be stealing ideas from!

  6. Barb

    You really know how how to throw a party!

  7. Dagmar

    Wow, what a lovely party (and daughter)Happy birthday to her!
    I recognise the Lillifee Music Box, my daughter (almost 4) has that one too….

  8. Ramona

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl!

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