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Technology party

Posted by on Mai 6, 2007

The sign was on the door.


The room was decorated. (Alexander made the hot air balloon himself, and although we had made the planets over a year ago, we never hung them up, so Mr G decided to finally get them off the shelf)


The table was set.

table set

The food was made.

salami carscucumber snakecake

A treasure hunt with 8 clues led us to the motor piñata (those are pistons and a hose) we had made and was hung on a tree. Not in this picture though.pinata

The kids were blindfolded and armed with a bat.


They ran for the candy.


Even the youngest gave it her best.

smallest batter

The kids were sent home with smiles on their faces, a bike bag and a car to remember it by.


It was a fun day, but boy am I ready to relax with some fiber.

Happy Birthday, my little 6-year-old!!

19 Responses to Technology party

  1. lilknitter

    What a delightfully thematic party! I’m a fan of the theme party, myself. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. The food is also fun looking, though, as a veggie, meat cutouts do little for me. 🙂

  2. Dallas

    That is so cute. I love seeing creative children’s birthday parties. The extra effort really leaves special memories. I hope he had a wonderful birthday.

  3. lindiepindie

    I like the cute playmobil people in the hot air balloon! And you and Alida in matching outfits. Cute, cute. And, you ARE good at this! I could never put on a party like that. And again, I think I started reading your blog 2 years ago! Is it possible? I remember his party being one of the first posts I read…

  4. Debi

    What an adorable party! Happy Birthday Alexander!!

  5. Barb

    What a great party, mom:) I love the cucumber snake.

  6. Sabine

    Wow, you are an artist!
    Happy Birthday to Alexander.

  7. Krista

    That party is great! Wonderful idea. I’m not so great at that, but hopefully I’ll find some inspiration before the next one this summer.

    I just stumbled across your site via your purse organizer post. I, too, am an American crafting mommy living in Europe (France). We appear to have quite a bit in common, so I’ll surely be back.

  8. Gina House

    Happy Birthday, Alexander! Oh, Kimberly, what a fantastic job you did on the party! Wish I were 6 years old again…..

  9. stacey

    that looks like one amazing party!!!!!!!

  10. Jessica

    looks like a fun party! Cute snake!

  11. Cheryl

    It looks like fun! I love the little meat cutouts!

  12. cathyknit

    What fun! Very cute Mom and Daughter outfits, btw.

  13. tiennie

    What a great party! So fun!

  14. ~Kristie

    You are so clever! What a wonderful idea for a party. You had everything perfect down to all the details. If I ever had kids, I’d want you to help me plan the parties for sure!

  15. Cathy

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXANDER!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great party!

  16. quenna

    Happy birthday, Alexander! Those sandwiches are so cute 🙂

  17. Rachel

    Yikes! I’m way behind on commenting, but send a happy belated birthday wish to Alexander for me! The party looks like it was so much fun. Kids must love to come to your house, you always throw the coolest parties!

  18. Rain

    Happy Birthday Alexander!

    You throw the coolest parties for your kids.

  19. Danielle

    I have a pair of pants in that same turtle print! Hopefully, it will soon be warm enough in Boston to wear them 🙂

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