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Sewing a bit

Posted by on Mai 22, 2007

I’m so envious (in a good way, of course) of all of you who have your own sewing rooms. I dream of the day when I can just walk to my machine and start sewing. Right now, living in this small apartment and having very little space for all my fibery goods, I have to use the table in the living room to sew. This means taking everything off and setting up which can be rather time consuming. While I’m sewing, my fabric and patterns are strewn across the living room leaving little space for anything or anyone else. I then need to take a break to feed the kids who want to eat usually shortly after setting up on the same table. On most days I just don’t have the energy for it all, so I sit and knit or spin instead.

A few Sundays ago I found a bit of that sought-after crafty energy and was able to get some sewing done before we went for our family run. I made this lovely Dora pillow for Alida. Lovely is her new word, don’t ask where she got that one but I do like it.


I found this fabric, or should I say Alida found this fabric, last summer and had to have it. I decided to make a small pillow case and Alida has crowned it her lovely pillow. She just adores Dora.
Oh and speaking of lovely, I’m so glad Alida talks to me in English and to everyone else in German, after having Alexander only speak German, it’s nice to hear a little voice speak English.

Once I started sewing there was no stopping me, so I also made these two cases.


One is a double point needle case and the other, as you can see, is for my ever-expanding crochet hook collection. What a great excuse to use the fabric I adore. Did you see the Giving Flower tag on the dpn case? I’ve started using my new logo for cards that have care info on the back for things that I give to others. That needle case was a gift for Tamina from my knitting group. She is always doing little caring and thoughtful things for me and for others, so I thought I would make her something made with love to thank her for being a wonderful blog and real-life friend.

More tomorrow if my throat stops hurting and this headache goes away. No jogging today, I’m off to bed.

12 Responses to Sewing a bit

  1. Rain

    I think the cushion is lovely too. I really like the fabric you used for the needle cases.

    I hope you feel loads better soon.

  2. Gina House

    You are so great with sewing. I’ve made those Wee Wonderfulls dolls, which are fun, but that’s about all I’m good for.

    The needle case is WOW!!! Love that fabric, too.

    Oh,no… sorry for the headache. Hope you feel better soon…hug.

  3. laura b

    You are so professional with those logo cards! I love that needle case!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. ohelene

    I agree with Alida. Th epillow is lovely! Hope some sleep cured the headache.

  5. Debbie

    I can totally relate to the sewing/room issue. That’s one of the huge attractions of knitting, it’s so self-contained.

  6. Karen

    What terrific projects. Yes, the pillow IS lovely. And the needle case is too!! I hope you are feeling much better.

  7. stacey

    my little niece would love that pillow! she is a huge Dora fan! 🙂

  8. Karyn

    I love your needlecases and I love your tags for them! Feel better soon!

  9. Michelle

    I’m in the same boat as you with the lack of a sewing room and have the exact same problems with sprawling out on the dining room table, then having to clean up again in an instant for a meal. Know that you’re not alone! But good for you for dredging up the energy, what great things you accomplished!

  10. Cathy

    The pillow and the needle case is beautiful and I can totally sympathize with the “space issue”. We moved from an enormous apartment 13 years ago, into a very small house, and although it is mine and I enjoy where I live my sewing machine cabinet is in the corner of the dining room and it is virtually impossible to open up and find a place to work, usually in the kitchen which has terrible light and no space (not to mention kids needing snacks and drinks). We will dream together for more space! 🙂

  11. Rachel

    I think finally having my machine set up on it’s own table is what got me back into sewing again. I can completely understand why you don’t want to sew, because the setup and the cleanup take so long. However, the pillow is certainly lovely, and the needle case makes me want to hit the beach in New England!

  12. Ginger

    It is a Lovely Pillow. When given the choice to pick out a pillow case my daughter choose My Little Pony and my son choose . . . Dora. He loves Dora.

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