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Fingerless (part 1)

Posted by on Oktober 28, 2005

right hand
Yes, this is fingerless, or should I say the first one of two. I’m so proud of it. After looking everywhere for a good and easy pattern for a glove without fingers I decided to make one up myself and look at that, it fits and looks good. Miracles do happen. I love it. Did you think I could knit something without a beloved cable? No way. I’ve written everything down and I’m coming along with the left hand, so let me know if you want the pattern and I’ll try to write it up. Does anyone know how to write a good knitting pattern?

We’ve been baking.
Halloween cookies
Don’t these look scary? Thanks to some fun sprinkles I bought in the States this summer we made some really colorful ghosts, pumpkins and cats. I have two very good little bakers on my hands. Oh my waistline!!

Speaking of my waistline, I have a question before I get back to my party preparations and my second fingerless. George Foreman, your grill is great but…. why can’t you design and sell a portable liposuction machine. A grill is good, George, but a liposuction machine for home use is better. My thighs whould thank you.

On the fitness front I’m up to 23 minutes of non-stop jogging three times a week. I went this morning and had a slight bit of knee pain, but I think it should pass if I keep up with the one-day break in between runs.

One last thing for those of you who live in Berlin. There is a new craft store at the end of the Wilmorsdorfer!! It’s called Idee and Alida and I were the first customers to walk through the doors when they opened for the first time yesterday. I could literally move in to that place. They have everything a crafty dreams about, and I’m afraid I’m going to need some really strong restraining belts to keep me from walking there and drooling over the yarn and goodies everyday on my way home from Alexander’s kindergarten. Oh, the problems we crafties are forced to confront on a daily basis.

15 Responses to Fingerless (part 1)

  1. tacha

    The fingerless glove looks great. I would love the pattern as they could make some good little Christmas presents. Thanks for the tip about the craft shop. I will have to check it out.

  2. lindiepindie

    I’m sure the jogging would be much better for you than any nasty portable liposuctioner – have you ever seen actual footage of it being done? It is sooooo scary looking. And what would you do with the medical waste? Grill it? Ha ha! Just kidding. Great job on the jogging. I have walked 3 times this week – the most times I’ve exercised in one week since #3was born.

  3. chris

    Your fingerless glove looks fabulous!! I love the color and the cables. And smart thinking on writing the pattern down so you can make the second one identical. *kicks self, kicks self again* Definitely a lesson for me to learn there! 😉 Your cookies look delicious and I think we have those same sprinkles! Congrats on all the running, too. Hopefully someday I can discipline myself like you so I can start winning my personal Battle of the Bulge. 😛

  4. joanna

    Great job on the gloves. You are so talented, making up patterns on your own. And, ewwww, I’m grossed out about the grilling medical waste comment above. I think I need to sit down.

  5. jessica

    Good for you on the jogging! i really need to get exercising… one of these days:) I love the fingerless gloves and would love the pattern, very cool!

  6. Cathy

    The fingerless gloves look great!, I’d love the pattern – I have to get going on some of those as my hands are freezing, especially sitting at the computer! Great job on the cookies, isn’t it fun when the kids help? I love that part of it.

  7. Iris

    The fingerless gloves look great – and it seems like something small like this would be just the right thing to teach myself cables, so if you decide to write the pattern up I would definitely be interested!

    Oh, and the cookies look yummy! 🙂


  8. Nina

    It’s really beautiful, this fingerless glove! I know your problem – I don’t think it is easy to write dowm patterns, as well.

    You impress me by your moning jogging! What a character you have !!!

  9. nona

    Great job with your fingerless glove. Often designing your own pattern gives you the best results!

  10. Toprunn

    How many houers have your day? Do you ever sleep?You are fantastic!!!!

  11. sylma

    i LOVE your cabled gloves…………please send me the pattern!! i have looked at so many patterns and want to do a cable in mine…….upirs are perfect!
    you go!!

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