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Sewing Patterns

For Sale-finally!

I’ve finally updated my Etsy shop with my knitty hipster bag pattern. Can you believe it??  How long has it been?  Too long!  I think I was just afraid to put anything out there since my little run in a while ago.  Thankfully, I’m beyond that now and can show you what I’ve made and … Continue reading »

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Knitty Hipster-my new pattern

Thank you all for your wonderful comments on my Must Have Cardigan! This week has really killed me with work and kids which means not getting around to answering emails like I should. I’ve also wanted to write about 3 posts but haven’t been able to sit at the computer long enough to do it. … Continue reading »

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Mrs. bucket has a handle

and a white cord. I think she’s much happier now. You can slip the handle to the side when you fold it down. Perfect. Do you see my newest handspun next to her? This is from Rachel and I love how it has spun up. On Saturday I went to a spinning meet (what do … Continue reading »

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The birds and the bees

Spring is in the air. The birds are chirping, the bees are humming (well, kind of), the flowers are budding and I’ve made a new bag. It must mean spring is coming. Let me introduce you to my new new bucket. It’s my knitter’s bucket. I saw a similar but much smaller bag at a … Continue reading »

Categories: Knitting, Sewing, Sewing Patterns | 28 Comments